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My affair part 5

Most times Mike joined Bill and Me at the motel on the interstate for an afternoon of intense sex.There was never and pretense about making love, it was always about sex and pleasing whomever you were with. Intense is the best word to describe it. I loved it and by their reactions and their increasing creativity with toys and different positions made each afternoon great fun. I was their fuck toy for their and my pleasure and while I got tons of pleasure from them, I also provided tons of pleasure for them. A slut fuck toy, yes, and they also told me my tits, ass, cunt and mouth were their playground, and that playground would always be available to them. The sex at home with my husband was also great with my memory of my intense Thursdays afternoons. Everyone was happy.

Sometimes, when Bill couldn't be there on Thursdays it would be just Mike enjoying my body and I his wonderful hands, cock, and tongue. He would talk to me about my fantasies and told me about some of his. He asked if he could involve another person male and/or female with he and I. Of course I wondered who he had in mind although I thought he already had the encounter(s) in the planning stage. I wondered who he was thinking of, and I told him I never had been with a woman before although I had been in a room a few times in my past (college years)fucking with another couple but never having sex with another woman, and I didn't think I would like that. He told me someday when Bill couldn't be there he would like to bring along a friend to play with us and other times when we had everyone there if he could include a friend he was fucking. I said it was up to him. I was his fuck toy and my body was his playground and I was there to please him. He always talked really dirty to me and I loved him saying those bad things to me in the passion of sex. I was getting it so good. So many orgasms. He asked me to tell him about the times in college. He bet it was in some frat house. I said yes, frat house but also cheap motels. In between him fucking me he wanted the facts and I told him. It turned us both on.

The frat house had wild parties and my girlfriend was dating a guy from that house so we always were there at the parties. I wanted to be introduced to a friend of the guy she was fucking as he was an athlete, a fellow senior, and a "big man on campus." And he was hot and he had so many girls I didn't think I stood a chance. One night after lots of drinking she introduced me to him and we danced and talked and danced some more. He wanted to take me upstairs but one of the house rules was that we had to go to the game room( called the make out room during parties) before we could go upstairs. My girl friend said she and her friend would go with us to make me feel at ease. I agreed to go and entered the room and the first thing I noticed besides the pool table and dart boards were all the bras hanging from the ceiling. The four of us went to a sofa and started making out. He kissed great and of course his cologne was fantastic. His hands were everywhere on my body. I looked at my friend at times and they also were getting it on. After about 20 minutes, he asked if I wanted to go upstairs. I said yes! and he then told my girlfriend to explain me the rules. She told me I had to leave my bra there and hang it from the ceiling as she had done months ago. I could wear my top from the room to the upstairs. Also, they would take a Polaroid picture of me with the bra off, to staple to the inside of the bra before hanging it. So I thought what the hell, she had done it, so would I. I had to unbutton my top exposing my bra for him and his friend to see and then reached behind my back to unhook and slide the bra off. He played with my breasts and kissed and sucked them. God, it was hot! He told my girlfriend to take the pic as I stood in front them and when it was develop in 60 sec he handed me a stapler. I stapled the pic to the inside of the bra and he helped me to hang it with all the others. I put my top on, went to the main room had another beer and all four of us went upstairs.

The room was a typical college room and was very neat and clean with the beds about 6 feet apart and the lighting was sensual. There were panties attached to the wall above each of the beds. I knew that mine would be hanging there before the night ended.These guys had it going on. Both my friend and I went to the beds and started making out with our guys. I glanced at her and what she was doing and the guys were doing the same. What a turn on! The clothing came off and I was down to my panties. He was naked and his cock was nice, hard, and very wet and finally took off my bikini panties and immediately started to finger fuck me. I looked at my friend and she was giving her guy a blow job. I was so wet and when my guy went down on me and ate my pussy. I came right away. He knew what he was doing. I then gave him a blow job, kissing the head of his cock then working on the back of the head of his cock until he couldn't take it anymore. I always was good at that and he liked it but stopped me before he came as he told me he wanted to fuck me. He put on a condom and fucked me hard but it didn't last very long which was typical of college guys. The other two had already had finished and were watching us. Another new turn on for me.

I had a lot to drink(who didn't) and we lay there in the beds not talking much but his hands and mouth on my breasts and finger fucking me, and me playing with his cock. The other two were doing the same and he whispered in my ear if I wanted to leave my panties there on the wall. I nodded I did but was concerned that the pics would be there for everyone in the house to see. He told me that wouldn't be a problem. He got up and took a pic of me naked to place inside the panties. I hung them on the wall. He asked if the four of us wanted to play a game. My friend was there before and she told me it would be fun. So we both got the guys hard again and then they blindfolded us. It was the first time I was blindfolded and my senses were out of control. The game was that they would wear condoms to fuck us and every 30 seconds they would switch and fuck the other person and it was up to us to see if we could figure out who was fucking us and who could make the guys come. What a great game and I knew who was fucking me from the cologne but I acted like I didn't know. Soon both guys came and I knew his friend came with me as he did with my friend. As we were getting dressed to go back to the party, now with no underwear on at all, he asked me if we could do this again. I said I hoped so as I had a good time. He told me there were lots of guys there that would want to fuck me and my friend and maybe we could expand the game a little next time. I said I would think about it. Wow, blindfolded with other guys fucking me and never knowing who was there? A fantasy of mine started there. 

He told me that the pic in the panties was safe and I took him at his word. I found out after graduation that all the time we were in his room he was taping the sex and that there was a hidden camera focused on each bed. Some of the rooms had these cameras and and the tapes were shared with the rest of the frat guys. So I guess that pic in my bra and the one in my panties was not that important. Years later, I wonder what happened to those pics and tapes. Maybe they are in a library at the house still being enjoyed by the frat. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. They said they were doing that so that they couldn't be accused of rape. I wonder how many guys jerked off watching me on those tapes and if those other guys really wanted to fuck me in the blindfold game.

I Looked at Mike and he was so hard and he knew I was wet from telling the story so he ate my pussy until I came, then with his hard cock fucked me, my tits bouncing back and forth, calling me his cunt, slut, fuck toy. He came inside me and I held him tight until he slid out. As I cleaned his cock with my tongue and pushed his cum out onto my thong he said to me that I was a great piece of ass. He told me he could arrange that blindfold game and I would never know who was fucking me. In fact, he told me he was going to arrange it and wouldn't give me notice when it was going to happen. I just nodded my head. I really wanted that fantasy to come true. We dressed and before he dropped me off at Wal-Mart gave me another thong and bra to wear next Thursday. As I was getting out of his car he grabbed my arm, looked me in the eyes, and said "you are one great fuck". I was loving every minute of this.